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We are now officially open and excited to provide a wide variety of medicine for Michigan Medical Marihuana Program cardholders. Our goal is to provide a safe, reliable place for cardholders to receive their medicine. To become a member or receive meds you must provide a valid Michigan license and Medical Marihuana Program card.  $10 one-time membership fee makes you a club member for life. Stop by for more details. Our hours are 11am to 7pm Monday through Friday. 10am to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday.  We are located at 95 60th Street Grand Junction MI. 49056  Phone # 269-253-4212. We hope to see you soon.


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  1. This is my 1st visit today, April 24 2017, and I will be sure to visit many more times. Todd was very polite, knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. A real pleasure to be around, to chat to and to have help me on my quest for help in my Medical needs.

    It’s so nice to have someone to take the time and actually HELP you instead of rush you in and out and see only $$$$ signs and ways to make only profit, but to actually care about YOU and your chief medical problems and how he can actually HELP alleviate them and continue to help you by offering SUPPORT!! There are NO options around here where I live, in fact they are too ignorant to “allow” this kind of business period! I have to travel over 1 hour one way!

    I joined the club and look forward to all they have to offer! Pharmaceuticals did NOT help, they were just toxic and made me even sicker! The only real pain relief I found was just recently on a trip out to Las Vegas when I tried Medical Cannabis. It’s too bad that too many backwoods idiotic small town communities are just too ignorant to take the time to actually LEARN about the REAL POTENTIAL of Medical Cannabis and get their heads out of their patooties instead of being stuck in the warped old adage of BAD MOVIES that give Medical Cannabis a BAD WRAP like Cheech and Chong which is actually a TOTALLY DIFFERENT ANIMAL ALL TOGETHER, but they prefer to remain “ignorant” with their heads in the sand and deny people the Medicine they really need!

    This is NOT progress, instead it’s REGRESSING back into the Dark AGES!

    I would recommend this club to anyone in need of help and guidance, and ask for Todd!

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